This Grand Affair

This Grand Affair

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A festive fragrance with a modern citrus twist


This Grand Affair is part of the Emma Collection; fragrances inspired by a family memoir written in 1872 that reflects a spirit of beauty and love of nature that launched the Blocki perfumery. These fragrances are rooted in the golden age of perfumery and reimagined with bright modern naturals.


This Grand Affair recalls a once in a lifetime event. An unforgettable week-long festival in the seaside resort town of Sopot celebrating the King’s birthday. Serene mornings in the healing spa baths gave way to jovial evenings of entertainment and fireworks. European formality vanished, acquaintances were quickly made, and the atmosphere took on a relaxed American character. Escape to a royal festival or make this grand affair about your own unforgettable event.


Top: citrus duet of grapefruit and neroli, sweet woody davana oil
Middle: Bulgarian lavender, rose d’orient, petitgrain of lemon and mandarin
Base: vanilla, musk, tonka bean and patchouli
Perfumer: Kevin Verspoor